A fitness game within the Really Needy HUD system.

By exercising regularly, your avatar's maximum Health meter can go beyond 100%.

Unlock levels, earn badges and win a spot on the leaderboard !


To play the fitness game, you need Really Needy HUD v2.3 or Really Needy HUD v2.4 with the Fitness script.

  • If you have Really Needy HUD v2.3 or v2.3F, get the Fitness script installer from The Needy Zone at my in-world store for L$1 to install the latest Fitness script (v2.2).

  • Note that if you have an existing Fitness script in your HUD, the installation will reset your Fitness Points to zero. If you wish to transfer your existing Fitness Points to the new script, send me a message using the submission box at the bottom of the page. 

  • If you have Really Needy HUD v2.4, the latest Fitness script is already included in the HUD.


To start the Fitness game, just start jogging (run without stopping) and your avatar's fitness level will change to Level 1 after 5 minutes.

The time units mentioned below are all in terms of RL time and not SL time.


  1. When your avatar exercises, Fitness Points (FP) will be awarded based on the type of exercise, as well as the Duration and Intensity of the workout. For example, running on the treadmill for 20 minutes, walking on the treadmill for 40 minutes, or jogging outdoors for 5 minutes (simulating 10 min) will earn 10 FP.

  2. After a workout, your avatar's Hunger, Thirst and Energy meters will be depleted.

  3. At lower fitness levels, your avatar can exercise a maximum of 3 times per week to earn FP. If the avatar exercises more often than this limit, there is no fitness benefit (no FP earned) as it is too soon before the avatar's body can recover. As the fitness level increases to certain levels, this limit is increased. 

  4. Regular exercise is a good thing but to avoid an avatar trying to workout immediately again after completing a workout (to game the system), a latency period is implemented, where the avatar will not get any FP if the latency period has not passed after one workout. This exercise latency period starts at 24 hours at Level 1, and gradually decreases as fitness level increases.

  5. For each successful workout, your avatar's maximum Health meter will increase by 1% (up to the exercise limit per week) to simulate your avatar getting physically fitter.  The ceiling is 200%. 

  6. If your avatar does not exercise for more than 3 weeks consecutively, the maximum Health meter will drop, starting with 2% per week. The longer the lack of exercise, the drop will double to 4% and eventually 8% per week. But don't worry, the most it can drop to, is 100%. 

  7. If your avatar does not exercise for more than 10 weeks, the game is over and the Fitness script in your HUD will auto-delete. If you wish to opt-out of the game at any point, you may also do so by deleting the Fitness script in the Health meter prim in your HUD.

  8. The rules of the game can be changed at anytime at the sole discretion of the creator, and you agree not to take it seriously. 

Outdoor Fitness
Workout in Gym


There are also unlocks at each level, which allow your avatar to do a wider range of activities that may award higher Fitness Points (FP) or other special features with the Really Needy HUD.

More details for each additional level will be announced each month.

Level 0 

  • Jogging outdoors earns 10 FP

  • Minimum time: 5 min

  • Location: Anywhere

  • Get 10 FP to unlock Level 1

Level 1 

  • Treadmill earns 10 FP

  • Minimum time: 20 min running; 40 min walking

  • Location: Alpha Gym

  • Please use any of the 3 treadmills designated for Really Needy HUD users

  • Accumulate 120 FP to unlock Level 2

Level 2

Level 3 

  • Boxing (punching bag)

Level 4

  • Protein shake

Level 5

  • Machine weights

  • Yoga

Level 6

  • Free weights

Level 7

  • Wrestling

Level 8

  • Team workout


Fit Woman


Earn badges when your avatar achieves the following Fitness Points.

Fitness Points      Badge 

10 - 99                  Fitness Novice   

100 - 299              Fitness Bronze

300 - 599              Fitness Nut

600 - 999              Fitness Silver

1000 - 1399          Fitness Fanatic

1400 - 1799          Pumping Iron

1800 - 2299          Fitness Gold


The top 8 avatars with the highest Fitness Points will be displayed on a leaderboard at the Needy Zone in my in-world store.


To update the points, your avatar just needs to approach the board. Avatars on the leaderboard who do not update within 8 weeks will lose their position on the board.

Top 3 players on the leaderboard will split a cash prize of L$2000 at the end of each 8-week season (payout period).

  • 1st place: L$1000

  • 2nd place: L$600

  • 3rd place: L$400

Congratulations to the winners of season 2 ! (21 May - 16 Jul 2021)

  • 1st place: Aloɳ Lɪt Cɦoe (n0tlif3)

  • 2nd place:  Vǝx Cɦoe (vexlif3)

  • 3rd place: Ryan (ryan.thumem)

Winners get the cash prize + the recently released Really Luxurious Shower Cabin.

The winners of season 1 (19 Mar - 30 Apr 2021) were:

  • 1st place: Bellѕ de' Vαιllαɴт (labellababy)

  • 2nd place: Davina Bliss (davinadmera)

  • 3rd place: Ryan (ryan.thumem)

Start of Season 3: 20 August 2021


* Note on Swimming Locations

  • If you use "Infinity Swim" (partner product) in your sim,  it works with the Really Needy HUD as of July 2021. Contact me through the submission box at the bottom of the page to apply to list your location above so that Really Needy HUD users can swim there.

  • If you are a sim-owner with a nice swimming pool or beach, I can also provide you a free Oak Swim HUD rezzer which works with Really Needy HUD. To apply and list your location above, contact me through the submission box at the bottom of this page.

  • You can also swim and earn Fitness Points with the Really Olympic Swimming Pool and the Really International Swimming Pool. NEW

Fitness Equipments

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