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October 2021

  • Really Wet Pussy version 2 released, with integration to The V Bento for arousal and urination.

  • Blood Alcohol Content add-on version 2.52 provides greater realism with alcohol tolerance feature based on alcohol experience.

  • Really Needy HUD v2.5 minor update.

September 2021

  • Really Dangerous Explosives Pack has been launched in collaboration with top SL cosmetics brand Izzie's.

  • The Really Needy HUD is partnering with popular mesh genitalia brands, The Physics Cock and The V Bento, to bring more realism and sexual excitement to your Second Life. 

  • Boxing now available for the Fitness game for the Really Needy HUD! As featured on the New World Notes blog. 




August 2021

  • Skin Effects Pack has been launched in collaboration with top SL cosmetics brand Izzie's.
  • Really Needy HUD v2.4 released, with added support for skin effects and upgrade of Fitness script to v2.2. If you have an older version of the Fitness script, get the installer from the Needy Zone.

  • Really International Swimming Pool has been released.


  • Enhance your roleplay immersive experience by simulating the following physiological conditions of your body:

  1. Hunger

  2. Thirst

  3. Energy

  4. Health

  5. Hygiene

  6. Toilet

  7. Procreation*

  • To satisfy your Need, you need to eat, drink, rest, shower and use the toilet, at a frequency you can set.

  • The HUD interacts with scripted food / drink / furniture / items that will restore the Needs meters.

      * Adult Edition (version 2) only

  • Each of the 5 physiological needs (Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Hygiene, Toilet) has a meter will decrease from 100% to 0% over a period of time.      

  • The speed at which each of these 5 meters drops is called the consumption Rate, measured in number of seconds where it will drop by 20%.   

  • You can customise* the Rate for each meter.

  • You can customise* the emotes for each Need per 20%. Emotes are owner-only to avoid chat pollution.

  • When any of the Hunger, Thirst, or Energy meters reach 0%, it will have an adverse effect on your Health.   

       * Adult Edition (version 2) only

  • To restore Hunger / Thirst meters, you need to eat food and drink.

  • To restore Energy meter, you need to rest.

  • To restore Hygiene meter, you need to use the shower or bath or amenities to wash yourself.

  • To restore Toilet meter, you need to relieve yourself.

  • To restore Health meter, you need medical treatment.

HUD shot.png
To minimise the space that the HUD takes up, click the arrow icon to slide the meters off-screen. (Not available in version 1)
Pencil and notepad


  • Click on the Rest Indicator to check your current consumption Rates.

  • While you are sitting on an object (regardless of any pose or animation), it is assumed your avatar is at rest, so your consumption Rates will be halved. The Rest Indicator will light up.

  • When your avatar stands up, your Rates will go back to normal.


  • If you click the pregnant icon at the top of the HUD, the HUD will go into pregnancy mode.

  • In pregnancy mode, consumption Rates will be doubled.



HUD unstowed.png


Use this command after changing the prim description field for a meter to customise the Rate

(Version 2 only)



Resets the position / size of the HUD on your screen (please wear/attach it first)



The meters will stop dropping.

The meters will continue dropping as per their Rate



Displays / hides the value of each meter as hovertext

(Version 2 and Survival HUD only)



Makes the HUD semi-transparent / opaque



Enable / disable RLV functions (eg. blurred vision)



Hide / show the pregnancy mode button



Turns on / off the status message on consumption rate when you sit or stand



Search for something to eat nearby (to satisfy HUNGER)

Search for something to drink nearby (to satisfy THIRST)


Search for something to rest on nearby (to restore ENERGY)


Search for something nearby to treat a medical condition (to restore HEALTH)


Search for amenities nearby to clean or relieve yourself (to restore HYGIENE or TOILET)



Change the PROCREATION meter from Cycle mode to Arousal mode, or vice versa

(Version 2 only)


You can adjust how fast your need meters decrease and what the emotes say, if you have Modify permissions to your HUD (ie. Version 2).

You can customise the owner emotes when a need meter is at 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% and 0%.

Follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the need meter, choose Edit, and go to the Contents tab. Look for the configuration notecard eg. *HUNGER

  2. Open the notecard, make your edits, and Save the notecard.

  3. Type /reset in chat to reset the script.


You can customise the speed at which Hunger, Thirst, Energy, Hygiene and Toilet decreases if you are not happy with the default rates.

Follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the HUD, choose Edit, and tick the checkbox near the top that says Edit Linked.

  2. Click the meter (eg. Hunger) for which you would like to change the rate and it should be highlighted.

  3. Look under the General tab of the Edit window.

  4. Change the value in the Description field. For example HUNGER=3600 means the meter will drop 20% every 3600 seconds.

  5. Close the Edit window.

  6. Type "/resetrate" in chat to update the rate.

Note: The default SL day cycle (if region owner does not set custom time of day or custom day cycle)  is four hours long, with three hours of daylight and one hour of night.

The following are the default consumption rates which correspond with the SL day of 4 hours RL time.


  • HUNGER consumption rate has been set to 1 hour (3600 seconds), so that roughly speaking you need to eat 3 times in the SL day. If you do not, the meter would have fallen to 40% by the end of the SL day.

  • THIRST rate is set to slightly shorter than the Hunger rate (3000 seconds). Usually death by dehydration happens faster than by starvation.

  • ENERGY rate is set to 3 hours (10800 seconds). If you don't sleep for 1 SL night, you will be tired but you can still function. If you don't sleep for 3 SL days and nights, you will be exhausted.

  • HYGIENE rate is set to 4 hours (14400 seconds). So that you feel the need to take a shower if you have not done so for one SL day.

  • TOILET rate is set to slightly more than 1 hour (4000 seconds).

  • PROCREATION rate is set to 4 hours (14400 seconds) which is one SL day.

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